One special moments to last a lifetime
  Let us help you add nature and peace to your wedding ceremony, the bride and groom may each hand release a dove or as our white doves wing their way out of the basket and circle spectacularly overhead, and return to their home.

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  Your wedding guests will be amazed at the incredible beauty of the white doves.

  White doves being held by the bride and groom make especially nice photo opportunities. 

  The soaring white dove release will be one of the most talked about events of the wedding day... 
Yet one of the least expensive so reserve your white doves and make a White Dove Memory that will last a lifetime!  
Wedding Options available

1. 2 Dove Release 
        2 doves released from the basket by the bride and groom

2. 2 Dove release 
    2 doves released by the bride and groom from there hands

3. 7-15 Dove release
    Doves released from the basket by the bride and groom

4. 7-15 Dove release
     Bride and groom holds a dove each when released the others are released from the        baskets at the same time.

Other options available. Please contact us well ahead of time to make the proper arangments.